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Potential customers want to know who they're putting their trust in. In this section, provide a brief description of your business, the general services you provide (residential, commercial, termite, etc.), and the reasons your potential customers should choose your company for their pest control needs. Utilize this section to establish a connection with your potential customers.

This text should hook potential pest control customers and make them want to click through your website. Use terms that will stir home and business owners such as pet-friendly, peace of mind, protect your equity, pest-free, etc.

Why Choose Aroostook Pest Solutions?

This section is dedicated to providing helpful information and a more in-depth description of company including, but not limited to: who founded the company, when it was founded or how long you’ve been in business, where your office(s) are located, a brief description of your service area, the services you offer, and other information your potential customers may want to know such as if you’re a local pest control company, if you’re family owned and operated, etc.

In this section, and the bulleted list below, list the things that set your company apart from the competitors. If they apply, include things like:

  • QualityPro Certified
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Any Guarantees You Offer

In this section, sum up why the qualifications listed in the bulleted section above set your company apart from your competition and why your company is the right choice for your potential customers. The goal of this section is to encourage your potential customers that if they are dealing with a pest control problem, your company is the right place to call to have it solved quickly and effectively!

Core Values/Values Statement

In this section, tell your customers about your company’s goal such as: providing trustworthy and reliable pest control services and friendly, professional service throughout your entire service area, protecting residential and commercial properties in your area from pests, etc. Also include your values: providing friendly and professional service, effective or eco-friendly/green pest control services, dependability and availability, etc.

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